Football Manager 2011

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Lead your team to soccer glory


  • Huge database of real players and teams
  • Impressive 3D game graphics
  • Interact with players, staff and media
  • Well designed transfer market search
  • In-depth training and tactical options


  • Overwhelming for newcomers


Football Manager 2011 is the latest version of the definitive soccer management. This latest release offers a more in-depth management experience than ever before.

As with previous versions, Football Manager 2011 allows you to take the reins of a club side, taking care of all aspects of the running of the team. You get to manage finances, negotiate transfers, conduct training, define team tactics, and, ultimately, select the 11 players who you think will do the best job on the field on match day.

Football Manager 2011 gives you more control than ever before over the running of the club. Interaction with players and backroom staff has been significantly improved in this version. Football Manager 2011 allows you to have private chats with players, garner useful advice from your coaches and scouts, and use talks with the press to get your views across to your fans.

The training options have also been improved in Football Manager 2011, allowing you to train players in any of 14 different skill areas. There are now even more pre-game and in-game tactical options too, so you can really refine player and team strategies.

As usual, it's easy to lose yourself in Football Manager 2011, such is the sheer scale of the program. New game options such as the news subscription service, while useful, can prove a distraction, and overwhelm inexperienced players, making things even more complicated than they already are. Sure, the user interface is neat and friendly, and there's lots of readily accessible in-game tips and advice, but Football Manager 2011 still throws up dozens of drop-down menus at every turn.

The in-game graphics in Football Manager 2011 are better than ever before. Assuming you have a PC with the right spec, you can enjoy slick TV highlights of the games with impressive animations and lots of viewing options such as camera angles and instant replays.

Football Manager 2011 feels more like a full time job than a game, at times. This is great for experienced soccer strategist looking for a realistic management experience. Newcomers will need a lot of patience to get into the game, though.

Football Manager 2011


Football Manager 2011 Strawberry Demo

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